Benefits of Using a Professional Pet Sitter

Benefits for Your Pet

  • vacation-dog

    Reduced stress: Your pet stays where it feels most comfortable and secure – at home. With familiar sights, sounds, smells, and routines your pet can relax and follow its regular schedule.

  • No “travel” trauma.
  • Minimal exposure to the illnesses of other animals.
  • Personal attention: Your pet will be pampered and we will follow your instructions and care for your pet as if it were our own.

Benefits for You

  • Free initial consultation in your home. At this visit we can discuss your pet care needs, complete the necessary paperwork, and go over your home care instructions.
  • Flexibility: We will work with you and your schedule.
  • No worrying about taxiing your pet while you are busy with work or travel planning.
  • Discrete Service: We strive to keep your home exactly as you left it.
  • Special Services: Your service includes watering plants, retrieving mail, taking out garbage, and more, when requested.
  • Peace of Mind: While you are away you can feel confident that your pet is in capable, caring hands. We care, and it shows!
  • Insurance and Bonding: You know that your pet sitter is properly insured and bonded for your protection. Our insurance and bond is specifically designed for pet sitters. We carry liability insurance that includes coverage for your pets as well as your other personal property for accidental damage, mysterious disappearance, and theft.
  • We are trained and know how to handle potentially dangerous situations and can react when necessary.
  • Trained and experienced in administering medication.
  • You can feel confident that we will always have backup in case of emergencies, illness, car troubles, etc.

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Dog Walker

Hire a dog walker in Hampshire, IllinoisHere’s a fact that most dog owners may be surprised to learn: Research shows that dogs left alone spend 80% of their time resting, even if they have access to your yard.

So how much exercise does your dog really need?

At a minimum your dog should have 20-30 minute of “heart-pumping” exercise at least 3 times a week.  This needs to be more than a stroll around the block to take care of business. This means most dogs aren’t getting the exercise needed to promote and maintain their health.

With most of us working 10+ hours daily, is it really such a surprise? There simply aren’t enough hours in our days.  Maybe you become a “Weekend Warrior” with your dog and try to make up for the lack of exercise during the week.  While weekend hiking adventures and long trips to the dog park can be a lot of fun, a daily exercise routine is a much healthier and safer alternative.

  1. Health – Your dog’s health depends on you! Consistent exercise can reduce the risk of your dog developing arthritis, heart disease, and other life-threatening illnesses that could become very expensive to treat.
  2. Behavior – A well exercised dog is a well behaved dog! With regular opportunities to run, play, and get out of the house, a dog will have calmer behavior at home, and be less inclined to bark, chew, bite, and use the bathroom indoors.
  3. Stimulation – For dogs, mental stimulation can be as exhilarating as physical exercise.   Avoid the guilt of leaving your dog alone all day long. Think about how bored your dog must be during your hours away from the house! A dog walker can break up the monotony of the day, offering the stimulation and socialization that is likely the highlight of your dog’s day.
  4. Save Time – Avoid spending your lunch hour rushing home to let out your dog. Don’t worry if you need to stay late after work or want to go out to eat. By using a professional dog walker you’ll free up your schedule, and check one of the items off your daily to-do list without lifting a finger.  You’ll come home to a much more mellow dog who will be happy to enjoy time relaxing with you after work.
  5. Peace of Mind – Your dog will have already developed a friendship with an experienced dog walker who can also provide pet sitting visits when you travel for business or vacation. Rather than disrupting your dog’s daily schedule when you travel, your dog walker/pet sitter can help ensure your dog stays happy and healthy in the comfort of your own home.

There are many other reasons to hire a professional dog walker, but by now, the benefits should be clear.  Paw Prints Pet care makes hiring a professional dog walker simple with our affordable rates, quality service, and experienced dog walkers.

We’d love to help you and your dog get the benefits a professional dog walker provides. Contact us today for your complimentary consultation. Your dog will thank you!